Learning/behavioral disorders such as autism, Asperger's syndrome, AD/HD, and Tourette's syndrome are physical, neurological conditions involving dysfunction of brain. Dysfunction does not imply damage or disease, it indicates that certain clusters of cells in your brain are under-functioning and are not as active as they should be. Specifically, in children on the autism spectrum there exists an electrical imbalance in brain stimulation and activity between the right and left hemispheres.

The scientific term for this phenomenon is Functional Disconnection Syndrome. The result is a global decrease in brain activity primarily affecting the right hemisphere. This profoundly affects executive functions performed by the frontal lobe region of the right hemisphere such as cognition, motivation, mental focus, concentration, and body movements. The symptoms can range from impulsivity and hyper-activity to emotional outbursts and excessive rough play. Evidence of inappropriate social graces can alienate classmates causing feelings of low self-esteem. As a result of the poor concentration and mental focus, learning becomes a real challenge.

Treatment options include Hemispheric Integration therapy (H.I.T.). This therapy is centered around maximizing the child's brain function, focusing on the specific under-stimulated area of the brain and utilizes specific unilateral (one-sided) sensory/motor modalities. Examples include hemispheric appropriate frequencies of light and sound stimulation, olfactory (smell) stimulation, cross-crawl mechanisms, specific eye movement exercises, vestibular (inner ear) rehabilitation utilizing spins and abrupt changes in head positions, one sided chiropractic adjustments, hemistimulation computer exercise, and balance activities. Parents seeking to have their children partake in hemispheric integration therapy should contact The Conde Center For Chiropractic Neurology at 561-330-6096.

Every child inherently has the unlimited potential to express their ultimate humanism. At The Conde Center For Chiropractic Neurology, we believe strongly that there can be vast improvements in the quality of life in each and every child.

Our Unlimited Potential Program (UPP) is a unique brain-based approach for enhancing neurocognitive function and for addressing learning and behavioral disorders such as:
• Autism
• Asperger's Syndrome
• Dyslexia
• Language and Auditory Processing Disorders
• Movement Disorders
• Tourette's syndrome

Our unique approach consists of:
• Identifying the under functioning side of the brain
• Targeted physical stimulation of the brain
• Light, sound, touch and smell applications
• Hemisphere specific cognitive exercises
• Academic exercises
• Nutrition counseling


CDC: 1 in 88 kids have autism in US

Dr. Robert Melillo, board certified chiropractic neurologist and autism specialist, addresses the recent autism epidemic on Fox News.
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Here's what some of our patients have to say:

My son Ryan has been a patient of Dr. Conde for the past two years. I met Dr. Conde through a very dear friend, Lillian Murray. Lillian educated me on all the amazing cutting edge technology and treatment that Dr. Conde was doing. Ryan was in middle school and having several problems. After the first couple of treatments, we saw a slight difference in Ryan. It was not easy, but I kept going. We had tried medication, psychologists, tutoring, social groups, and countless other things. Ryan had encountered a problem at school, and we ended up changing schools in the middle of the school year. With Dr. Conde's support, we completed middle school. I truly believe you get what you put into the program.  After all our treatments, Ryan appeared focus and able to get his class work done. The school was not calling everyday for me to pick him up. Ryan got the President's, science and history award at the end of middle school. His report card had one B and the rest were As. My son is now attending Boca High; he is in the honor science class and is doing just fine.  We are so very proud of him. With Dr. Conde's help, Ryan became an amazing young man and excellent student.

Wendy Friswell

Four years ago I met Dr. Conde at a disabilities conference and listened to his presentation on the brain. I had been on a three year journey with Nikolas our youngest son who had been diagnosed with Aspergers at the age of nine. My husband and I had taken Nik to several social therapy groups and Nikolas had seen a handful of different doctors. Most of them suggested medication to relieve his anxieties, tantrums, ticks and secondary diagnosis of ADD. We were not convinced of medication or the therapies we were attending. Nikolas had always been a very happy child but was indeed marching to a different beat according to his teachers and coaches. Nikolas was struggling in all social areas. He had poor muscle tone and  had a hard time with sports. He was not a "coachable" child.

I had a comforting and very hopeful feeling after I left Dr. Conde's lecture and made an appointment immediately to see him. Nikolas started the UPP program right away and within 12-15 visits we saw progress and halfway through the program his teachers did too!  We were diligent in keeping his diet, supplements and exercises consistent with the program and he continued to succeed and make leaps and bounds in every way. NO medication and No more tantrums! He learned to tie his shoes, started to ride his bike more often, his muscle tone increased so much better and his confidence soared!

It has been amazing to watch him succeed in school and socially. He is currently a freshman in the STEM Program (science, technology, engineering and math ) taking college and AP courses. Nik is a proud member of the Key Club, he is the Paws Club Treasurer and hoping to pursue a major in Biomedical Engineering. He continues to eat well, exercise, make friends and keep his brain healthy! Free of medication and full of stimulation! Our prayers were answered the day we met Dr. Conde and his staff. Much success in your journey and we are always available if you need support.

Lillian and Pat Murray

The Unlimited Potential Program offered by John Conde has allowed our adolescent daughter to make tremendous strides in all areas of her life, especially in the areas of her personal relationships, behavior and academic success.

Throughout her life, our daughter exhibited many symptoms of being on the autism spectrum. As a family, we experienced many challenges because of them. From the time she was very young, she had sensory issues that often caused her great discomfort. Just getting dressed for school made for an emotional morning. Though she has always been a bright child, she managed to hold herself together during school, but completely melted down upon coming home. From the fourth grade on, she struggled socially and was often outcast and ignored by other girls her age. She could not talk to her teachers or look directly at anyone when she talked to them, whether they were family or strangers. She experienced difficulty with tasks that should have been mastered by a certain point in her development, and the knowledge that she was "different" from her peers was heartbreaking. When her explosive outbursts and behavior at home reached the breaking point for our family, we knew it was time to do more to help her.

After reading Dr. Robert Melillo's book, Disconnected Kids: The Groundbreaking Brain Balance Program for Children with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia and Other Neurological Disorders, we found Dr. Conde and began treatment in August 2009. By Thanksgiving of that year, with Dr. Conde's targeted therapies, as well as the specific exercises and dietary changes we made at home, even family members noticed a significant change in our daughter's demeanor. She was happier, calmer, and more relaxed. She was following rules and directions at home. The sensory issues that drove her to distraction were relieved to the point where she could wear the skinny jeans the other girls

Now, one year later, we see that there are still a few things she will struggle with, but they are smaller struggles, and we all have those. Our daughter helps around the house without being asked. She expresses her feelings more calmly and openly with her family. She is aware of both her strengths and her weaknesses and accepts them all. She talks about high school and where she wants to go to college and is beginning to explore what she wants to study when she gets there. The change in her in just one year has brought peace and balance to our family, and for that we could not be more grateful to Dr. Conde and his amazing staff.

Katherine Connell